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Our expert mechanics can deal with all your servicing and maintenance requirements for cars of all types.

We are also specialists in Mazda MX-5s and Eunos Roadsters. If your car needs servicing, fixing, if you want to realise the performance potential or improve the looks of the world's best selling sports car, then we are the team to turn to!

With years of experience in modification and tuning, we will be able to give you all the advice that you need to make your MX-5 better on any budget.

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Jenvey Throttle Body Kits


Another proud announcement for 5 SPEED: we are now able to supply and fit the excellent Jenvey throttle body kits for NA and NB MX-5s. These can be fitted to a 1.6 or 1.8 engines. Jenvey throttle bodies and all Jenvey throttle body accessories are engineered for motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value. These kits are ideal for road, track or rally use.

Find out more in the performance section.

Gaz Shocks

We are proud to announce that Gaz Shocks products are now available for our customers. These highly regarded suspension upgrades are ideal for road and track use, and 5 SPEED can now supply and fit them for you.

More information about Gaz Shocks can be found on their website.

Roof prices

Many of you have been asking about our MX-5 roof prices so we've added them to the site. We can supply and fit PVC or Mohair with plastic or glass rear screens. That should be enough to keep you warm and dry!

You'll find the full details in the roof section.

Turbocharged demonstrator vehicle

Coming to 5 SPEED...

We have great news for anyone considering adding a turbo to your MX-5, 5 SPEED will soon begin work on building a demonstration car fitted with the magnificent FMII Hydra turbo kit from Flyin' Miata.

One of the things that puts many people off adding forced induction to their cars is the big question; will it be worth the outlay? 5 SPEED intend to address this by offering you the chance to experience the power so that you can decide for yourself. We expect our demonstration car to be around 250bhp at the rear wheels, meaning we will be able to demonstrate a huge range of power options.

For more information about the kit we will be using, please see the Flyin' Miata website.

Christine news

Some major plans are in progress for 5 SPEED's project car, Christine. Currently she is stripped to the bare bones, ready for a major rebuild in 2011.

We'll be tracking the developments on the site so keep an eye on the Christine diary section in the upcoming weeks.

Huge News!

Flyin' Miata logo

5 SPEED have been appointed Flyin Miata's sole UK dealer. As you already know, our specialist knowledge of turbocharging as well as our experience of building high performance cars puts us in good stead to be able to offer the backup and service to be able to offer Flyin Miata's FULL range of products.

We've got a shipment coming over early in the new year. So if you want a sneak peak at a butterfly brace kit or FM's new crossflow race radiator, make an appointment and pop in for a cuppa. If you're after more power, well we'll be building OKY, our courtesy car up as an FMII Turbo kit demo car. Think of her as Christine's sane sister. what's more we'll be offering her out for test rides and DRIVES.

We've also got something a bit special coming for Christine...

We will be adding pictures of products as and when we get them in, but for now, have a browse of the Flyin Miata website and if you see anything that tickles your fancy, give us a call and we'll get it in stock for you.

Please note that due to the exchange rate as well as local taxes,we can only announce prices as and when we've shipped items over.

Coming up first: Butterfly Braces and FM RACE Radiators.

New for 2011 - Harddog Rollbars

Hard Dog logo

5 SPEED are now an official supplier of Hard Dog rollbars and cages. More information is available in the rollbars section.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

5 SPEED would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a happy new year!

September 19th 2010 - National Rally

Have fun at the MX-5 Owners Club National Rally today. If you see Ste in his 5 SPEED t-shirt then please say hello!

July 2010 - Christine featured

5 SPEED's project car Christine is featured on the cover of Redline magazine, who declare it the "UK's Fastest Roadster". More details in the Project:Christine section.

July 2010 - Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ! 5 SPEED hosted a summer BBQ at the workshop. Thanks to all the enthusiasts that came. Perhaps we should make it a regular event.

September 2009

5 SPEED attends the National Rally.